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Systematic abuse on a daily basis, you're a racist (you don't know why?)

Evidence of your intrusion, multiplied by my contusions.

You can't suture the future (though you might try).

Because we're cut, dried, microwaved, safe in the knowledge that we'll be saved.

You say there's no black in the Union Jack but you can't give me a single reason why.

I say there's no 'common wealth' in the Commonwealth, 'cause it's the

colour of your money matters since the day the country died.

And don't you read the papers?

Economics is going to save us and " science never sleeps ".


2nd hand car, 2nd hand shoes,

2nd hand point of view from the 2nd hand news.

2nd hand shirt with a 2nd hand tie,

and a 2nd hand reason from a 2nd hand lie.

2nd hand feelings from a 2nd hand need,

and 2nd hand sense of purpose from a 2nd hand greed.

2nd hand lives, 2nd hand pacified (buy now pay later).

Stay fresh plane crash, discount train smash.


If dysfunction is our function (and if we learn by our mistakes)

Then I must be some kind of genius.

'Cause with me it's a religion 50,000 strong.


I don't understand. No I don't understand. (excuse me).

Why everything's so lame, Why everyone's so wasted.

Why everything's so tame, why everyone's so sordid.

It's got to be your civilised societies (you got nothing for me).

No cheating? No lies? It's got to be.


Bet ya, they're gonna get ya, sooner or later, one way or another.

"Yes please" I wanna see the Achilles species down on its knees.

Yes sir they're gonna save us (subject to status).

Absolution guaranteed (for a small additional fee).

And the first will be first and the last won't last.

Next time, 'm gonna get mine, sooner, later, one way or another.

Next scene I wanna be malignant instant "watch your back" guarantee.


"God awful waste-of-space dumb degenerate low life mal-adjusted freaks."

Now I want just one day for things to go my way

Low-life de-generation, generation.

"Got to know your place, dumb degenerate low-life, failure of the week."

If what you see is what you get,

then we have nothing to regret from all the things i've seen.

And when there's nothing to regret,

our stupid lives we'll better yet, at least we'll all come clean.


You are disposable means, and this is not what it seems.

Untouchable, controllable, disposable (I chose them all) .

'Cause you need to censor your dreams.


Please Sir tell me why there's no black Superman? KKK kryptonite?

"God only makes caucasian Superheroes."

Sir tell me why we stick a man on the moonwhen life on Earth's so cheap?

"Son we gotta do our bit for the World trade deficit."

Please Sir tell me why if 'God is love' i'm so dysfunctional?

Please Sir tell me why there's so much vagrancy?"Layabouts get a job"

Well there's an opening for a part time Unabomber.

Please Sir tell me why my life's so pitiful but the future's so bright?

Well i'd look ahead but it burns my retinas,


A better lie? don't even try.

Is that the best that you can do?

'cause I don't believe you.

Is that the best that you can do?

'cause you said it's something new.

"Come on."

And if I could be bothered I would think of a better lie,

(but I don't like you enough to even try).


I tried my best, did all that I can.

I don't think i've got a single thing left that I can call my own.

Still at the end of the day when all's said and done,

the one and only single thing left is that one burning question.

What's in it for me? ('cause that's what really matters.)

Same as the rest? Convince me I am.

You don't need to burn the bridge in my head 'cause i'm out on my own.

What's in it for me, me, me? ('cause that's what really matters).


I don't care what you do, production/destruction, it's nothing new.

And I don't care what you say, to die for/to buy for, it's all the same.

I don't care if it's new and improved' I said I don't like it.

I don't care if it's 'life-time guaranteed'

I don't care I said I don't like it.

Just get in line 'cause it won't be long.

Don't waste my time 'cause there's nothing wrong.

No need to fight, misunderstood.

'Cause you're wrong, I'm right (and I knew you would).