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Hate, I hate, you mother fucker.

Drown, bleed, I wish you would.


Pictures with stagnant cancer, images of brutal man.

Vasecting, seething, despising, Beaten red faces extreme.

Run the streets, find the lame, red hands grasp at the air,

drowning faceless contest, propagating physical force.

Watch your thoughts drip from walls, injure, destroy.

Watch your thoughts drip from life to gratify, why?

Onlooking innocent silence, naked mental violence.

Forced to kneel in the gutter, displeasure confined to a room.

If strength where exchanged for weakness, your dominance for pain,

would walls be built for protection, or would your victims be named?


Gave mental calm, disposed for pain.

Distant advance ,animate shame.

Justify worth, stolid obtainer.

Dominate false, your artificial gain.

Skin, stone, rage, force.

Appease me, scratch maul, burning cut, harsh grind.

Abuse resource, irritate thought, deficient lack, severe depraver.


Why this arrogant rape? This arrogant breed.


Watching the hit, I feel calm.

Crying and blood, try smell harm.

Back I go this mode of mind, you see me nice you see me kind.

My eyes strain, ablatant stain, this bloody picture, failing to scare.

Can't touch it, it goes through me.

Can't feel the hit, all I do is see.

The two sides of me, this square of glass,

watch from a distance, and let it all pass


Stimulation, walk tall, retention, arrogance, your ways, diseased.

Plastic and skin adopted, a lowered compulsion abstract.

Stop and start bright image, you adopt your animal desire.

Your burnt out head is narrow, eyes accept the bond.

Unclean, obscene, burnt out.

Paper and flesh concented, the following is blind.

Malignant scent of picture, refuse form turn page.

Reason obscene indulgence, exert force on stained.


Gripping the sweat in my hands, your voice makes my ears bleed.

Desperate, self consciousness, in this room there is no air.

Broken, you cover your burns.

Questions I feel the hate in your mind, cutting me.

Scared of rejection starve me, with your perfect lies.

Persuasion, it will fail you need force to make me beg.

Appointed power in your head, can't allow these attitudes.


Tears in my throat.

Fear in my eyes.

We drive, we drive.